Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Chauvinists Unite

So as some of you know, I've been know to stick my foot in my mouth when it comes to girls. I just know I'm not alone on this fact, so I want you guys to list some of the worst/funny/damning things you've ever said to a girl, whether it be in jest or not. I'll go first:

(After a girl compared me to Frankenstein, calling me inhuman)"Last time I checked, girls weren't human either."

(The infamous Whataburger incident, a girl wasn't talking and I say)"She's just being silent like a woman should."

(This was during English, I say Lee said this, but it was all from me)"Lee says girls shouldn't be be able to read because it makes them think they can make important decisions."

May I remind Lee to list what HE'S said and not repeat more crap that I'VE said, heh heh. And oh yes...Sorry Betsy! :)


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