Monday, April 26, 2004

Back from NYC.

Myself and Fizban have returned from the land of the $8 cereal bowl.

Apparently the words "excuse me" are lost up there and have been replaced by just shoving someone. Ugh.

Best NYC Moment: BIRDLAND!!! We got to see freaking Birdland. The jazz corner of the world, people. Only wish the original one didn't burn down. The set was the John Hicks Sextet. It consisted of Nick Payton on trumpet, Gary Bartz on alto, nameless bass player, nameless drummer who looked like King Kong who just got off the Empire State Building, Elise Wood on flute(boo) and John Hicks himself. WOO! Gooood stuff. I didn't care for the flute player though. Nick Payton looked like he was pissed off at the world. Perhaps his dog got run over that day. John Hicks is very good, but should only be given a microphone to amplify his piano. Not much of a talker. There was three of us. Myself, Fizzy, and my piano teacher's husband. The tab: $120....*writhes in pain* Got a shirt though *smiles*.

Good trip, good to be home of course.

I miss my horn, I miss my piano. Too much vocal this week.


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