Saturday, April 16, 2005

Audio Espresso

As you can tell from Kev's recent post, the gig went way beyond our own expectations. Just about all of the people I invited showed up, and due to the band standing next to a huge window, many people just wandered in off the streets to see what was up. Best part was, they stayed.

It's hard to think that our last gig was at the beginning of October. Quite a bit has happened everyone in the band I'm sure. Hell, even our bass player got married in the big gap. But one thing you could tell was that everyone has been practicing. It was almost surreal for me(and I think the band would agree with me on this one)when the band started playing and everything was so much better than the last gig. Amazing what half a year in the shed will do for a group(of course we only shedded together once).

Every gig has it's notable moments, here are some off mine:

1.Myself and Kev got there about an hour early. The place is built so that the area where customers sit is kind of a 90 degree angle. Of course we were stationed on the long part, and my bell was literally pointed right at everybody's head the whole night.

2.Most of that hour Kev and I were there, the area immediately in front of the band was FILLED with small children. I think the oldest was about 3 years, and the youngest was still in a highchair. This one lady brought in about SIX of the little buggers and they were just sitting there, making noise and throwing cookies at eachother. And people just kept coming in with infants. I joked with Kev on how we should try and make ourselves into one big Sesame Street segment(imagine it, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Big Bird...and Dingus). Luckily the kids left about 10 minutes before our gig because the last thing we needed was front row of crying babies.

3. During the opening tune, my phone goes off. It was on vibrate, so it was relatively ok, but I knew it was probably the people I invited calling to tell me they were lost. I couldn't answer it till the break...and that was a good 50 minutes away. They eventually found there way however. The couldn't get a seat and just had to hang outside, which made them leave early unfortunately.

3.My old band director showed up. Usually a man estranged to the idea of compliments, was full of them tonight. He even liked my arrangement of Foosball. Afterwards he was telling me about how now he wanted to practice, and he had a few charts he wanted the band to play.

4.Overall there weren't any scary moments while playing. The time would go to weird places, but it would come trotting back like a loyal puppy. I think the most interesting case of "unintentional improvisation" was when our bass player accidentally held over a note on The Chicken, but instead of just stopping, he took an acapella bass solo, and we just did the head again.

Of course the gig was waaayy more than that. Workers and the owner said it was the longest steady stream of customers they had seen on a Friday night. The people were generous too, as me and Matt had the oh so wonderful problem of figuring out how to break two $20s found in the tip jar so everyone got their cut.

This one was the start of many to come.


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