Friday, August 13, 2004

Progress Report

OK, we've been all talk and no action for quite a while, but things have now actually started to happen. Last night, Halfling, Dingus and I had our first "sectional," if you wish, going over some tunes that we'd like to do as TD/D. There is some arranging yet to be done, but the basic premise of last night was to try out some tunes we'd had our eyes on and just jam a bit.

The goal is to play at a coffeehouse in about two weeks (still trying to firm this up), maybe as "Kev and Friends" as opposed to the official launch of TD/D, but we'll see as it gets closer. Actually, at the moment, the three of us are TD/D, but I'm sure we'll settle on a consistent rhythm section eventually.

At any rate, it's great to have things underway. We were all happy with how our three horns sounded together, and even though we'll play a lot of standards at first, we're moving beyond the traditional wallpaper to some slightly-obscure-but-still-cool stuff (which we will certainly "deconstruct" a bit as we go along), and we'll add some originals over time.

Watch the sidebar for further updates, though confirmation of the gig will warrant a new post as well.


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