Saturday, January 07, 2006

Good Gig

The gig at the Bistro went well last night. It wasn't quite as crowded as last time, but we were guessing that it probably would be harder to get people out to a crowded part of town on a Friday night than it had been on a Saturday.

Overall, we were very happy with how everything went; for the most part, things were very tight, even without a chance to rehearse yet again (people being on vacation and the various colleges we're associating with not being open contributed to it this time). Having a previous gig under everyone's belt made the rhythm section gel much better than before, and of course Steven returned to the horn section in seamless fashion. It's good to know that we have the flexibility of doing either alto-tenor-trombone or trumpet-alto-tenor, and other combinations would probably also work well with the things in our book.

Since Steven and I were both on board last night, it raised the question of when the gig is "Kev and Friends" (or possibly some better name) and when it will be TD/D again. We're pretty much of the mind that whenever three TD/D members are on the gig, it can go under that name, but in the meantime, the stuff we've played as Kev and Friends is virtually indistinguishable from the TD/D book. I'd like to get some of our trademark tunes going again, like In Case You Missed It and Foosball, so that's my goal for the next gig, at the Bistro or otherwise.

In the meantime, I'll use this blog as a clearinghouse for news of the group under either name, so stay tuned for the next one.


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