Friday, April 15, 2005

A Big Return on Tax Day

I think my bandmates would definitely agree that tonight's gig went very, very well. The place was full to the gills, the owner and manager loved us, and we got a bigger reception at the end of Foosball than we'd ever been given in our whole time as a band. There were certainly a few interesting moments (as will happen to any band that hasn't performed publicly in six months), but all in all it was a fine show.

One pretty funny thing was that our unusual name threw some people; from what I heard, some of the people who work there thought that we were going to be a bunch of 16-year-old metalheads from the skate park a few blocks over. I trust that they were pleasantly surprised by what we really are, since they didn't seem like part of that particular demographic.

Oh, and we had our name on a sign out front for the first time in our career as a band. Matt snagged a picture of it , and we'll have it up here (in this very space) as soon as he's able to download all his pictures from his phone.

If you missed us this time, I have no doubt we'll be back over there, and it looks like it's going to lead to other things too. More thoughts from me over at my blog.


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