Saturday, October 09, 2004

Tonight's Lineup

Tonight is our next Ke Davi gig, and there are a few new faces for this show. Obviously, Halfling and Dingus and I are still there--the wouldn't be under the TD/D name if it were otherwise--and Alex is on board for tonight as well. Fillling in for the ailing Gordon will be Young Heo on bass, and John Whitlow holds the drum chair for tonight.

Some of the new tunes we're hoping to add for tonight include "In Case You Missed It" and "Foosball." My "Samba de ZuachiƱu" is a possibility, but that might be tough with only one rehearsal's worth of time.

I hope a lot of people will make it out tonight; I've sent out the usual emails, but our pool is a bit shallower this time because all of my high-school students are involved in various marching contests today. One of the contests is practically within rock-throwing distance of Ke Davi (and we entertained the idea of putting a flyer on every car in the stadium parking lot *grin*), but unless the students ask off the bus ride back and come over with their parents, the logistics are a little difficult. We're hoping that friends, family, people from the college and my fraternity brothers will take up the slack this time.

At any rate, I'm looking forward to playing with this lineup tonight. The recap will follow later, of course.


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