Saturday, October 16, 2004

Two Sets from a Subset

Tonight, I got to play with our usual guitarist Alex and our inaugural bassist Gordon at a new coffeehouse in Lewisville (it's in the Castle Hills development, so far southeast in Lewisville that I thought it was actually in Carrollton). The place is called Perk-N-Steep, and it was really nice, once I found it (it's in the back end of a shopping center--which Alex warned me about beforehand--but the shopping center looks like townhomes from the rear, which totally threw me; I passed it once, and poor Gordon passed it three times!). It's smaller than Ke Davi or your average Starbucks, but it's done up really nicely, with antique furniture and a separate "reading room" in the back--the very essence of a "neighborhood coffeehouse.". The stage would maybe have fit four people, tops, so it's not really a place for the full-blown TD/D to perform, but smaller groups will do nicely there.

We did two sets of mostly standards--a few staples from the TD/D book, at least the ones which can be done drum-less. The place was full most of the time, thanks to a combination of local regulars and the Alex Fan Club (he does a full-on PR blitz each time we play). The people were really nice, and the coffee drinks were quite good (I had a mocha made with Ghirardelli chocolate, and then a "Camelatte"--remember that it's in Castle Hills and you'll get the play on words), and the "medium" size was enormous, and served in an actual glass coffee cup instead of styrofoam.

This place was really not as far away as it sounds--about ten minutes from Midway and the George Bush, and the set time (7-9 p.m.) was short, so I hope to go back there soon and do some more "subset" gigs. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday evening.


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