Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Extreme Makeover

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Up until this point, the TD/D site was an occasional team blog of a group of friends. The group changed a little bit, and several of us co-opted the name for our new jazz combo; the site from this point on is all about the band.)

Last night, Dingus swaddled this site in a new template, and it may change a bit more in the near future. It's all part of the impending launch of a jazz combo under the TD/D name. The horn section is set: Halfling, Dingus and myself on alto, trombone and tenor respectively. The rhythm section may be a "rotating cast of thousands" for a while (initially drawing from things like Combo PM) but is likely to settle in before long; if nothing else, the pool gets way bigger when Halfling gets up to UNT.

Let's face it--nothing was going on with this site for a while, and now we've decided to focus on the band. Once we have gigs going, we'll put them up on the sidebar, and we'll also keep updates on anything else going on with the group. Even though our own personal blogs are pretty music-oriented sometimes, this site will be even more so.

Initially, the concept for the TD/D combo will be to take standard tunes and remake them in unusual ways (there's already a Dingus-does-Mingus chart on Foosball in the pipe), and eventually, when the glacial pace of our writing speeds up a bit, we'll focus on adding originals.

We're hoping for at least a trial launch of the concept at a nearby coffeehouse before too long (it'll sort of be a hybrid of Combo PM and TD/D, we're thinking); watch this space for updates.