Monday, April 26, 2004

Back from NYC.

Myself and Fizban have returned from the land of the $8 cereal bowl.

Apparently the words "excuse me" are lost up there and have been replaced by just shoving someone. Ugh.

Best NYC Moment: BIRDLAND!!! We got to see freaking Birdland. The jazz corner of the world, people. Only wish the original one didn't burn down. The set was the John Hicks Sextet. It consisted of Nick Payton on trumpet, Gary Bartz on alto, nameless bass player, nameless drummer who looked like King Kong who just got off the Empire State Building, Elise Wood on flute(boo) and John Hicks himself. WOO! Gooood stuff. I didn't care for the flute player though. Nick Payton looked like he was pissed off at the world. Perhaps his dog got run over that day. John Hicks is very good, but should only be given a microphone to amplify his piano. Not much of a talker. There was three of us. Myself, Fizzy, and my piano teacher's husband. The tab: $120....*writhes in pain* Got a shirt though *smiles*.

Good trip, good to be home of course.

I miss my horn, I miss my piano. Too much vocal this week.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Baseball Ticket Update

Hey, Mark was gonna take the tickets (see previous post), but he has to work late, so they're open again. If you want them and can't catch me before I leave early tomorrow morning for Colorado, talk to Halfling, who's feeding Tasha and will thus have access to my house while I'm gone (the tickets are on the dining room table).

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Free Baseball Tickets!!!

Here's a first for the TD/D site: free stuff! I have in my possession a pair of tickets to the Rangers/Mariners game next Friday the 23rd. (In case you're wondering, they sent it to me as an incentive to renew my mini-plan, which didn't happen this year because my sister opted to give me the voucher packet instead.) I can't use them because I'll be in Colorado with the CCCC band. Halfling and Coop may be out because that's a training night at Hawaiian Falls, and Fizban and Dingus will be in NYC with the choir. Anyone else want 'em? Be the first to reply in the affirmative in the comments, and make arrangements to get them from me before I leave next Thursday morning, and they're yours.

(Offer not valid in Alaska, New Zealand or the European Union. Your mileage may vary.)

Saturday, April 10, 2004

TD/D hit Dollywood

So this week is the LC band trip and 3 members of TD/D will be heading off to Tennessee.

Oh what will you people ever do with yourselves without Dingus, Fizban, and Halfling?

Rejoice probably...jerks.

Another tangent: Kev, myself, and Halfling at mulling around the idea of making TD/D into a combo. Those poor workers at Ke Davi won't know what hit them...besides a stray trombone slide...

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

This week's burrito night

Due to almost nobody being available to attend on Thursday this week, burrito night will be moved to Friday. Our special guest that day will be J-Guar; he'll also be around for bowling afterwards, and then a jam session. Or maybe a jam session and then bowling. Who'll be a holiday, and things can be loose like that. Whatever happens, it'll be fun.