Saturday, August 28, 2004

A Great Start

The "Kev and Friends, and Introducing TD/D" gig was tonight, and I think all in all it was a total success. Things went really well for the limited amount of rehearsal time we had, and the place was packed pretty much all night (putting up flyers and sending emails to about 60 people obviously works). A few tunes had somewhat sloppy endings, but it was all good. G was there and took some pictures so we could have a visual on this site:

(Front row, L to R: Dingus, Kev, Halfling. Back row, L to R: Gordon, Mooney. Hidden: Alex)

There were plenty of cool moments: "Bolivia" exceeded everyone's expectations; "Infra-Rae" was energetic and ear-splittingly loud; "Blues March" got a good reception from the crowd when I told them it was our "tribute to marching band...and the fact that none of us has to be in it." Halfling started the third set by spontaneously breaking out with "My Funny Valentine" and I brought the rhythm section in right under him (that made for two ballads in one night *shudder*, as Dingus's feature on Clifford also turned out pretty well); the Reggae "Chicken" went over great, especially when Alex the guitarist busted out his wah-wah pedal. I think everyone was really happy with how things went, so hopefully there'll be another one coming up really soon.

The cat is also out of the bag (or would that be "the 'cats' are out of the bag?") as far as the TD/D name goes; the name was on the flyers, referring to the horn section, and I explained the basic concept to the audience tonight. My guess is that future gigs will all be done under that name, no matter whether or not the permanent rhythm section has been found. I do believe we have been officially launched.

The other guys may chime in with their thoughts as well (that's why this is a group blog, after all). I'm sure they're both as happy as I am right now.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Preview Time

It's official: Kevin McNerney and Friends, featuring the TD/D horns, will perform this coming Saturday night at Ke Davi in Plano. As I've said, we're not trotting out the official TD/D concept quite yet, but you'll get the idea of what we're all about, as some of the repertoire mentioned in the last post will be performed. More details later in the week.

UPDATE: We have a time frame now--8:30-11:30 p.m.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Current Repertoire

I Remember Clifford- Benny Golson
Bolivia- Cedar Walton
Ceora- Lee Morgan
Cedar's Blues- Cedar Walton
Blues March- Benny Golson
Whisper Not- Benny Golson

We like us some Benny Golson. Ceora kinda sounds like an artery doesn't it??? TD/D had a jam session last night and it went better than last. We have a possible gig coming up in 2 weeks, so cross your fingers.

Friday, August 13, 2004

Progress Report

OK, we've been all talk and no action for quite a while, but things have now actually started to happen. Last night, Halfling, Dingus and I had our first "sectional," if you wish, going over some tunes that we'd like to do as TD/D. There is some arranging yet to be done, but the basic premise of last night was to try out some tunes we'd had our eyes on and just jam a bit.

The goal is to play at a coffeehouse in about two weeks (still trying to firm this up), maybe as "Kev and Friends" as opposed to the official launch of TD/D, but we'll see as it gets closer. Actually, at the moment, the three of us are TD/D, but I'm sure we'll settle on a consistent rhythm section eventually.

At any rate, it's great to have things underway. We were all happy with how our three horns sounded together, and even though we'll play a lot of standards at first, we're moving beyond the traditional wallpaper to some slightly-obscure-but-still-cool stuff (which we will certainly "deconstruct" a bit as we go along), and we'll add some originals over time.

Watch the sidebar for further updates, though confirmation of the gig will warrant a new post as well.