Monday, January 31, 2005

Remembering the Home of our First Gigs

Even as we're looking for new places to play, the place where we got started, Ke Davi, has officially closed down. Read more on my blog.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

A New Prospect

I just spent a portion of this evening checking out a potential new place to play. I won't talk specifics yet (not until I get to speak with the proverbial "lady in charge") but suffice it to say, this is a place that we could play without worrying about the stumbling block of not having a demo yet, and with any luck, we could invite some of the people who want a demo before booking us to hear the real thing as well. A six-man juggernaut such as ourselves will stretch the capacity of the staging area to the limits, but I have no doubt we can fill the place.

We didn't get to do the demo over Christmas like we wanted to, since various people were on vacation at different times (including one who was out of the country for a while), but that's something which will definitely go down sometime during the spring semester. It's a challenge to get everyone together for rehearsals and what-not due to work/school conflicts, people being in different locations, and so on, but trust me when I say that Matt, Steven and I are committed to this particular combo concept known as TD/D and will see it through to its completion. This little hiatus is a mere bump in the road. (Incidentally, it's also really cool that one of the combos I teach at the college has the exact same instrumentation as TD/D, plus a piano, so they can be the "guinea pigs" for new arrangements from time to time.)

Keep watching this site for more updates...way more than once a month now. The return is not far off...