Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Out of Hibernation

Something amazing happened tonight; we had a TD/D horn rehearsal. (To put things in perspective, a baby that was conceived the last time TD/D performed under that name--not counting a few Kev and Friends gigs in late fall and early spring--would likely be a month old now.) We pretty much spent the time getting our new alto player, Aaron, integrated into the process and tightening up a lot of the harmonies and the more complicated charts. We're hoping to play somewhere soon, using an even more amazing rhythm section than in the past.

It's also quite possible that this site may morph into a MySpace at some point; that way, we won't feel like slackers when we go several months without updating, and we can post tunes up there once we record a proper demo. At any rate, it's great to be doing things under the TD/D name again.